This Weekend in Vancouver, BC

Merritt Johnson, Sky Dome, at Grunt Gallery in Vancouver, BC

I’ll be making the five hour drive to Vancouver, BC to see art this weekend. I haven’t been to Vancouver in a couple years… the last time was a hoot. But that’s a different story. My top priorities for the trip: a mid-show opening at Grunt Gallery for Merritt Johnson’s exhibition Sky Dome on Friday night. Then Saturday I plan to hit Or Gallery and see work by Rebecca Belmore and Terrance Houle in “Friend or Foe.” Hopefully I’ll come back with pictures and a couple more essays about art! Of course it can’t be allllllll work and no play, which is why my husband and our greyhound are coming with me. They both love art, too… although my dog prefers art she can chew on… she once nibbled lightly on a rawhide cube stamped “Museum Quality” from Johnson’s 2008 performance of the same name at the Denver Art Museum. My husband doesn’t really eat the art, thank goodness!

Belmore/Houle's exhibition "Friend or Foe" at Or Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Since I mentioned “Museum Quality,”  here is my dog’s favorite piece of art, ever. It’s a 1.5 inch x1.5 inch cube (substance unknown) covered in rawhide. If this object were in a museum collection now, its condition record would also describe the following: a series of teethmarks (dog) on all four sides, but not on the printed end of the cube.

 Hupfield and Johnson produced some sturdy art that withstood  the art collection aspirations of the four-leggeds.

Object from Merritt Johnson and Maria Hupfield's performance "Museum Quality," Denver Art Museum, 2008.

2 thoughts on “This Weekend in Vancouver, BC

  1. The promised post really is on it’s way. It’s the end of the academic quarter and I have to finish evaluations of my students first. I’m working on an essay about Merritt Johnson at Grunt, another on Terrance Houle and Rebecca Belmore at Or Gallery, and a piece about Kerry James Marshall at the Vancouver Art Gallery, too. I’m thrilled to start summer and the prospect of having more free time to write!

  2. Hey Lara
    I look forward to reading about the Friend or Foe show – sounds like a dynamic duo to me – have fun on your trip!

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