Art in Additional Sizes (more TOMS Shoes from the IAIA fundraiser Vital Strides)

Sherry Farrell-Racette kindly sent in these photographs of TOMS Shoes that she won at auction last week. For the background on this story, please see the previous entry: Art in a Size 7.5. Here is one pair of shoes by Teri Greeves, a Kiowa beadwork artist who resides in Santa Fe. For more information on Teri Greeves, you can visit this Craft in America website. Please feel free to click on links in this article – they open in a separate window! 

TOMS Shoes, by Teri Greeves (Kiowa), 2010.

Detail of Teri Greeves' beadwork.

 The second pair are artworks meant for display more than actual wearing. This pair of shoes by photographer/installation artist Will Wilson (Navajo), is titled The Rose by any other name is the name of the Toes, as it says on the shoebox below. 

The shoebox for Will Wilson's art shoes (TOMS Shoes).

 Each shoe has a set of photographs inset in the footbed. You can remove the set of photographs and fan them out into a circle because they are attached at a pivot point in the “heel” area. 

A view of Will Wilson's art shoes with photographs in the footbed.

Detail of Will Wilson's "The name of the rose by any name is the name of the Toes." Each set of photographs is fanned out in this view.

 Wilson’s project plays upon feet as objects renown for their odor, just as roses are renowned for their own odor. Of course, since this pair of shoes won’t actually be worn, they aren’t likely to acquire “rosiferousness.” Way to go, Teri Greeves, Will Wilson, and IAIA’s ASU for such an inventive fundraiser!

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