Sailing off the Washington Coast

One of the great things about my job at TESC is summer institutes where we work together on devising new educational programs. I am moving outside of my normal ranges of experience by embarking on a 4 day sailing trip that will include learning about sailing, navigating, and ecosystems off the coast of the state of Washington.  I might get in one or two more posts before I set sail, but I’ll surely have more to post when I get back! I am already working on several subjects, plus I expect to get more images of art shoes from the Vital Strides Event (see previous posts).  If you are curious about this sailboat, or about how you can sail on it too, without having to make it a work-trip. Here is their website:

The Schooner Zodiac, based in Bellingham, WA

And yes, I will be crammed into a bunk.

The Schooner Zodiac

This is one of the nicer bunks on board. I hope tall people get these 🙂 And I hope I count as tall enough 🙂

 And my BIG hope for the trip is that I get a chance to do some drawings, which I might be willing to post when I get back. Seas might be rough though… which would limit my drawing sessions. Rain, wind, and rocking schooner probably wouldn’t do much for quality of line.

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