The Digital Dome at IAIA

Installation view of the Digital Dome at IAIA, Santa Fe, NM

As I am preparing to go to campus to look at options for installing a two-channel video projection piece in our college’s gallery, I see this video posted on facebook. I am not yet able to embed video in my blog (it costs money, apparently). It’s worth it to click on this link to view the short video on youtube. I heard about the Digital Dome at IAIA while I was in Santa Fe last month, but didn’t get to go see it. I’m sure I’ll be seeing it on my next trip to Santa Fe.

The basics? Instead of creating video art that must adhere to Western culture’s preference for the rectangle and for walls set at 90 degree angles, the digital dome is just that, a complete dome form, with a fabulous computer that can crunch the data to project over the curved surface. This is a form that fits well with pre-existing, fairly widespread native significance of dome, spherical, or circular forms, as found in oral tradition in many traditional architectural forms, and forms of material culture.

Thinking about the aesthetic potential of the Digital Dome has my mind spinning (sorry for the bad pun).

Digital Dome, IAIA

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