Maria Hupfield’s Double Tripod Inverters

While I work on writing about Vestige Vagabond, a performance by artists Maria Hupfield and Charlene Vickers performed at the Museum of Contemporary Native Art last weekend, I thought I would share a four-minute podcast by students from The Evergreen State College. My thoughts are with Maria Hupfield and her family in NYC as hurricane Irene heads in that direction.

Last year, Maria Hupfield’s installation work Double Tripod Inverters was part of the exhibition titled It’s Complicated: Art about Home at The Evergreen State College Gallery in Olympia, Washington. Several academic programs used the exhibition as the taking-off point for assignments for students. The video above was created as a podcast by first-year students Joe, Alex, and Jesse. This was a project they completed in five weeks. The team of students viewed the artwork by Maria Hupfield in the art gallery, researched the artist’s career, devised interview questions and corresponded with her, wrote and recorded voice-over narration, edited a digital recording sent by the artist, and selected images to accompany the audio track. They began the project with no previous training in art or podcasting, just a desire to better understand an artwork they found interesting. The college’s excellent media staff made it possible for these students to learn the technology and quickly put it into practice.

If you would like to download this student podcast or others from the exhibition,  please visit and follow the download instructions.

detail view of Maria Hupfield's installation "Double Tripod Inverter" at The Evergreen State College

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