Alicia Marie Rencountre-Da Silva installation May 25, 2012 at MoCNA

Alicia Marie Rencountre-Da Silva’s installation “Song to Water” on view at IAIA’s Museum of Contemporary Art beginning May 25, 2012

Alicia Marie Rencountre – Da Silva’s new installation, titled Song to Water, was completed on-site today at IAIA’s Museum of Contemporary Native Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is a contemplative piece set within a sculpture alcove at the museum. The artist created a willow hoop hung with prayer ties. Materials are provided for visitors to create additional prayer ties, which the artist will then add to the framework. During regular operating hours, the installation also includes a sound element: a collaborative song by the artist and musician Daniel John Pauli.

Also Opening Friday, May 25 2012 from 5-7pm: alumnI alumnUS, and documentary short film The Humble. The museum is located in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico at 108 Cathedral Place, one block east of the historic Santa Fe Plaza and directly across from St. Francis Cathedral Basilica.

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